The current weather in Venice, Italy
and a six day forecast

Need to know what the current weather in Venice, Italy is like?  Use our free tool to plan your vacation.

Current weather in Venice Italy gondolas


This is today's forecast for Venice, Italy, and how it's likely to be for the next four days.

We have found this tool accurate and dependable. The "RealFeel" is particularly helpful as it adds in factors like wind chill, so you'll know exactly how 'warm' warm really is!

Six day forecast for Venice

Follow this link to go to a website which will give you not just today in Venice but the week's forecast for other parts of the country too.

Forecasts in Italy are the responsibility of military meteorologists and tend to be very accurate, so you can usually depend on them to know what sort of clothes to take with you.

This is particularly helpful if you're planning an onward journey.

Six day weather forecast for Venice, Italy

Current weather in Venice, Italy
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