Italian Christmas decorations : miniature olive wood nativity set.

by cathnmike
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This is the perfect gift for children at Christmas. It's solid, safe and fun to play with.

We're including this nativity not because it's made in Italy - it actually comes direct from the Holy Land - but because it's made of olive wood, and, being lucky enough to have our own olive grove, we love olive wood.

It's a great gift for kids (it goes down specially well as a Christmas Eve surprise) because it doesn't look quite as "official" as other nativities and children feel very at ease playing with the wooden figures.

Its one drawback, if you could call it that, is that it can be a little difficult to distinguish which figure is which - they're all a bit 'chunky'. But that's part of its charm as well. The carving is very simple and has a rustic feel to it - and that, in our view, is what makes it particularly fitting for the festive season.

You'll find that your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews or friends' families use their imagination to recreate the nativity story. What a great gift to give them this Christmas!

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