Italian Christmas decorations : Murano glass Christmas ornament.

If you've ever been to Venice, Italy, you'll know exactly how precious Murano glass is.

You'll also know that there are many copies out there and not huge numbers of the genuine article.

These beautiful baubles are certified to be the genuine article. Even looking at a picture of them it's clear that these hand-blown, original pieces are absolutely stunning - above and beyond any of the far Eastern copies you may find.

This bauble looks amazing hanging on a Christmas tree, and it's the sort of ornament we like to pay a little more for and give as a gift to younger family members building up their collection of Christmas decorations.

In that way, by buying this ornament you are buying much, much more than a bauble. You're buying a part of your family's Italian Christmas traditions for years to come.

Shop safely for this item at Amazon and enjoy free shipping if you spend $25 or more.

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