Venetian masquerade masks : Columbine.

One of the prettiest Venetian masquerade masks, in beautiful blue with intricate gold sparkles - sure to be the talk of any party!

Venetian masquerade masks

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Columbine half-masks were one of the earliest designs of Italian disguise, often worn by individuals wanting to avoid recognition in order to meet with secret lovers.

This one is made in a delicate shade of blue, decorated by hand with beautiful goldwork and tied at the back by the traditional black satin ribbon.

It is an authentic Venetian masquerade mask and comes with the all-important certificate of authenticity.

Venetian masks aren’t the cheapest, but buying a less expensive one can be a false economy - they’re often poor quality and mass-produced.

This would be an ideal mask for a masquerade Valentine’s ball, or as a guest at an Italian themed engagement or wedding party.

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