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Cheap hotels in Rome, Italy : one of Rome's best budget hotels.

Good but cheap hotels in Rome, Italy, can be hard to find.

Our Rome hotel reviews continue with Hotel Gea di Vulcano : ideal for seeing Italy on a budget.

How 'cheap' are cheap hotels in Rome, Italy?

Most budget hotels in Rome (€70 or less) are to be found a long way outside the city.

But staying in an outer-city hotel can prove a false economy as you'll have to pay for transport into the city which can be expensive and adds time onto already tiring days.

It's also possible to find rooms for cheap Rome breaks near Termini railway station. However, in our experience the area near the station can be a bit unpleasant at night and the quality of hotel is generally not as good.

For that reason, although it's not strictly speaking the cheapest, we're recommending the Hotel Gea di Vulcano as exceptional value for one of the relatively cheap hotels in Rome, Italy so close to the main sights of the city.

Here's why.

Rome Hotel reviews : Hotel Gea di Vulcano

One word - perfect!
(Traveller review, 2009)

Piazza della Repubblica
Just down the road from the Hotel Gea di Vulcano -
the beautiful Piazza della Repubblica at night.

Background and location

"I would absolutely recommend this hotel to any traveller who is looking for a 3 star hotel at a reasonable price close to the sights and transportation options."
(Traveller review)

One of the most exceptional cheap hotels in Rome, Italy, the Hotel Gea is to be found on the Via Nazionale, Rome's oldest and most imposing boulevard, less than five minutes' walk from the beautiful Piazza della Repubblica. In ancient Rome the Nazionale linked the Forum with the Diocletian baths.

It now stretches for about one and a half kilometres from the Piazza Venezia to the Piazza della Repubblica, and on both sides houses shops and boutiques - a great place to go shopping in Rome for clothes and leather goods at very reasonable prices.

Cheap hotels Rome Italy
The Hotel Gea di Vulcano's impressive entrance.

The Hotel Gea is situated on the first floor of a lovely 18th Century 'Palazzo' very typical of this part of Rome, built around an enclosed courtyard.

Its location in central Rome makes it ideal for visiting all the well known sights of the city. The main railway station, Termini, is a ten minute walk; the Trevi fountain and Spanish Steps fifteen minutes; the Colosseum in Rome twenty and St Peter's Basilica about thirty.

Or, if you don't feel like walking that far, the Rome 'hop on, hop off' bus stops at the Piazza della Repubblica just a couple of minutes away, and the same square has a Metro station if you want to go further afield.


"Service was fantastic!  Every staff person was helpful and delightful and kind."
(Traveller review)

The staff in the Gea turn one of the cheap hotels of Rome, Italy into a truly special place. It's managed by a family team who really do make an effort to help all their guests feel at home.

The receptionists (look out for Massimo!) are multi-lingual and although there is no formal 'concierge' service you'll get in a larger 5 star Rome hotel like the Hotel de Russie or the Hotel Hassler the receptionists at the Gea will happily recommend places to eat, things to do in Rome, local events happening while you're there, and will arrange a taxi to the airport should you require one.

The managers are a Roman family who want nothing more than for you to enjoy Rome. Thanks to them, while you're staying here you won't feel like you're staying in one of the cheap hotels in Rome, Italy but that you're a special guest and truly part of real Italian culture.


"The furnishings were not elaborate but simple and clean,<br>wood furniture and stained glass windows."
(Rome hotel reviews)

Cheap hotels Rome Italy
Simple but adequate - a double bedroom.

This is Rome, and the Hotel Gea is classed as one of the cheap hotels in Rome, Italy. Don't expect your room to be large or luxurious or to have wonderful views - you'll be disappointed.

However, what you will find is a clean, comfortable, simple but adequately furnished room with an en-suite shower room.

Because many of the rooms are at the back of the hotel and all are well soundproofed, the hotel is also surprisingly quiet, particularly considering how busy the Via Nazionale can be.

Importantly, and again unlike many cheap hotels in Rome, Italy, the Hotel Gea has an excellent air conditioning system which in the heat of Rome's summer climate is a necessity. In the chillier months of autumn and winter it has a central heating system to keep you warm.

Although the public rooms are limited to the reception area and a small bar, the Hotel Gea is one of the few cheap hotels of Rome, Italy which has tea and coffee making facilities in your room. 

This hotel also has some other features which you wouldn't expect to find in cheap hotels in Rome, Italy - or in the budget hotels of Europe generally, for that matter.

There's free wireless internet access in the bedrooms, and if you don't want to take your own computer with you, in the reception area you'll find a laptop for guests' use. The bathrooms have shower gel and shampoo, and your sheets and towels will be changed very regularly.


Like many cheap hotels in Rome, Italy the Gea doesn't have a restaurant : breakfast is served in a small breakfast room. Unusually, they will arrange a self-service early breakfast buffet if you need to depart before normal service hours.

However, the Via Nazionale is full of cafés and restaurants and there's a supermarket a few doors down from the Gea where you can stock up with drinks and lunches very cheaply.

For a good basic meal try the Bar Ristorante Barocco by the rear entrance of the hotel in the Via Napoli - it's a basic but good restaurant and in the warmer months you can even sit outside to eat.

Cheap Rome breaks restaurant
Don't be put off by the entrance to the
Antica Bohème.

And if you cross the Via Nazionale and walk right down the other half of the Via Napoli (almost to the bottom - cross over the Via Viminale and keep going) you'll come across the Trattoria Antica 'Bohème', also known as the Trattoria Abruzzese.

Cheap Rome breaks hotel
Inside the Antica Bohème.

Are there facilities at the Hotel Gea for visitors who are disabled?

Yes. Although the hotel is on the first floor there is a small lift (elevator) so access is available. The staff are ultra-helpful for anyone with special needs.

If you need to use the elevator when you first arrive, you will need to call the receptionist on the intercom outside the front door who will operate it for you.

Is this one of Rome's best hotels for kids?

"Perfect location, excellent service, clean, spacious, comfy, charming and quiet room at a reasonable price makes this stay simply excellent - especially for a family of three with one small child no less!"
(Traveller review)

Children are an important part of Italian culture and because the Gea is family run, children are regarded as important guests here. That makes it one of the best cheap hotels in Rome for kids.

The rooms are quiet, the staff are excellent with children, it's just a couple of minutes' walk from the 'hop on, hop off' bus if small legs are too tired to walk, there's a Pizzeria just round the corner - and if they're really desperate for some 'home cooking', there's even a McDonald's a few yards from the hotel, on the corner of the Via Firenze.


How to find it

Cheap Rome breaks hotel
The distinctive church of St Paul's opposite the hotel.

The Hotel Gea is easily missed.  Head towards the Via Firenze; the hotel is part way between there and the Via Napoli. Look out for a beautiful church bell tower in red and white striped brick : this is the Church of San Paolo Dentro le Mura (an American church, not to be confused with San Paolo Fuori le Mura on the Via Ostiense). The Hotel Gea is directly opposite. 

If the large wooden doors are closed (which they are on Sundays) use the intercom on the right hand side. At night you will need to enter from the side door at number 51 Via Napoli. Look for large green doors with an intercom.

Incidentally - this very distinctive church of St Paul's Within the Walls is an active American / Anglican Church which celebrates Eucharist every Sunday and has full programmes (in English) at Easter, Christmas and Thanksgiving. 

It also often hosts opera and classical music performances which are excellent and very reasonably priced - and you don't have far to go back to your hotel!

Do stay here if...

  • You're searching for exceptional but cheap hotels in Rome, Italy on a budget.
  • Finding budget hotels for kids is high on your list of priorities.
  • You want an hotel right in the middle of a lively shopping area.

Don't stay here if...

  • You're looking for a Rome 5 star hotel.  If you're a couple wanting a quiet hotel with traditional service, the Hotel Hassler would be ideal and if you're a family wanting luxury accommodation, the Hotel Russie is in our view the best hotel in Rome.

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Top Tip :

If you love shoes, you absolutely must visit Geppy - a shoe shop just across road from the hotel which sells wonderful, high quality leather Italian shoes and handbags much more cheaply than the more 'upmarket' shops in central Rome. 

You'll also find street vendors on the Via Nazionale selling counterfeit handbags and sunglasses. As long as you don't think you're buying the original thing, they're generally good value.

Top Tip for kids :

The Piazza della Repubblica is particularly pretty when the arcades surrounding the square are decorated for Christmas in Rome.

If you're visiting the city at that time of year make sure the kids see the Piazza at night when it's all lit up. It's magical.

Rome hotel reviews  :
facilities at the Hotel Gea di Vulcano -
one of the best cheap hotels in Rome, Italy

Hotel Gea di Vulcano


16 : single, double triple
and quadruple available.
Air conditioning
Free wireless internet access
Flat screen / plasma TV
Satellite TV
Babysitter available

Public areas

Air conditioned
Free wireless internet access
Concierge services

Eating and drinking

Restaurants on site

(breakfast room only)
Bars on site
Special features
Situated close to well priced
restaurants in area.


Disabled access?
Swimming pool

Fitness area
Hair salon
Beauty salon
Wedding / conference facilities
Children's activity programme
Car parking

(but private garage close by -
extra charge
Pets allowed?

Special features

Minibar, tea and coffee making
facilities in room.

Hairdryer in room.

Supermarket close by.

Ten minutes' walk from
Termini station.

Airport transfers can be arranged.

Cost (per room per night)

Double rooms from €80
(including breakfast)

Most expensive room (per night)

Quadruple rooms
from €160
(including breakfast)

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