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An authentic Italian raspberry recipe - delicious on a summer’s day.

This raspberry recipe is one of the best Italian dessert recipes for a hot summer’s day - healthy, quick to make and delicious to eat.

Raspberries - the health benefits.

We admit it. The best dessert recipes from Italy are not usually known for healthiness - they’re much too full of creamy niceness for that!

Raspberry recipes

But raspberries have huge health benefits. Known to be a “superfood”, they are not just a  great source of vitamins and minerals but also a provider of anti-carcinogens - cancer-fighting antioxidants.

Known in Italy as “fruit of the gods”, any kind of berries can be used for this dessert - mix them for a really super-superfood!

This recipe will be enough for four people and takes only a few minutes to make, but does need to be left to chill for at least an hour before serving.

Raspberry recipe : ingredients

Raspberry recipe ingredients

✱  200 grammes (7 oz) Marscapone cheese

✱  6 tablespoons sugar - caster sugar is best, but any sugar will work

✱  4 medium sized eggs

✱  1 tablespoon Amaretto liqueur (optional - can be left out)

✱  A sprig of mint (if liked) for decoration

How to make this most delicious of all raspberry recipes

Please note : we use a hand-held electric blender throughout this recipe - it makes the whole process much quicker.

✱  Put the Marscapone cheese in a mixing bowl and add the sugar. Beat until they are combined and smooth.

✱  Be careful with this - you’ll find at first that the sugar can fly all over the place if you whisk too hard!

✱  Carefully separate two of the eggs into different bowls - don’t put them into the cheese yet. Keep the whites and yolks in their own bowls.

✱  Now separate the other two eggs. Put the yolks in with the other yolks but keep these whites separate.

Raspberry recipes mixing ingredients

✱  Lightly beat the yolks together, then add them slowly to the cheese mixture, beating all the time.

✱  If you’re using a liqueur add it now, stirring into the mixture until it’s dispersed.

✱  Now, making sure your whisk is clean and free of egg yolk, whisk the egg whites together until they’re stiff.

Raspberry recipe

✱  When they’re properly done you should be able to turn the bowl upside down without the eggs dropping out!

✱  Add the egg whites to the cheese mixture by folding them in a bit at a time. This adds air bubbles and helps the mixture to set.

✱  Once the ingredients are all mixed together spoon it into individual glasses or bowls and put into the refigerator to set.

✱  Leave it for at least an hour, longer if possible.

✱  When you’re ready to eat it, add the raspberries on top and, if you like, a sprig of mint on each.

✱  This raspberry recipe should then be served immediately - if you leave it too long the raspberries may sink!

Raspberry recipes, finished dish


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