Italy and You!

So you're planning to visit Italy and would like some help from people who live and work in this beautiful country?

Maybe you're looking for information about...

  • Which of the well-known sights is worth seeing - and when's best to visit them.  
  • Where to go that's off the beaten track.  
  • How to find places to stay that allow you to meet Italian people in their own local communities.
  • Places to eat that locals in Italy like to keep a well-guarded secret.  
  • Shops where you can find authentic, locally produced goods.  
  • How to get around using local transport.  

So - you know you want to see this...

The ColosseumRome's Colosseum: one of Italy's iconic monuments

- but you're not sure when's the best time to go, or whether a guided tour is really necessary, or whether there are parts that other tourists may not know about (you can find out more about that by clicking on this link).

Or maybe you'd like to know which part of Rome to look to find a market like this...

Fresh produce in a basket.A market in central Rome - but where can you find it?

And you know that when you're visiting Venice you'll be seeing beautiful 'palazzos' on the edge of canals like this...

Grand Canal, Venice.You know where this is, right?

 ...but do you know where you would go to find a quiet little village perched on a cliff with water as clear as this?

Old village perched on cliff overlooking blue sea.Would you know where to find this?

...and where can you travel to find pretty mediaeval villages perched on hilltops like this? (No, it's not Tuscany!).

Hilltop town.Which region is this pretty village part of?

Whether it's Rome, Venice, Florence, or the less well known rural areas of Le Marche and Puglia you want to know about - you've come to the right place.

Because what we want the most is to use our knowledge of these stunning places, and their culture, to help you plan your perfect trip.

And if you want to take a part of Italy home with you - or if you can't visit but love the country and want to add bits of its culture into your life - well, we will help you do that, too.

Who are we, to be able to talk to you about Italy and Italian culture?

This is us - Cath and Mike Andrews, on the day we were married - in Rome!  We chose to have our pictures taken by the Trevi Fountain.

A wedding couple in Rome.

We've lived and worked in Italy now for ten years.  Find out more about us by clicking this link.

We're lucky, because we're living our Italian dream. Through this website we would like to share our passion for, and knowledge of, this amazing country with you. 

We will help find your Italian dream.

So, come on in. Pour yourself a nice glass of cold 'vino bianco' - white wine - or a cup of cappuccino, or hot black 'espresso'. Sit back, relax, and enjoy. 

A cup of cappuccino.

"Piacere" - we're pleased to meet you!


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