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Ancient Roman Culture - fun facts about where Italian culture and traditions began.

  • Need to know about ancient Roman culture for a project?
  • Trying to enthuse your kids about Italy's history?
  • Wondering where Italian customs came from?
  • Visiting Italy and want to know more about its culture?

You've come to the right place! Have fun as we tell you all the things you won't find in guide books.

Ancient Roman culture. Not nearly as boring as it sounds!

Everything you'll find in Italy - jewelry, weddings, food, architecture, even the way they treat animals - has its roots in the Roman Empire.

Ancient and modern Roman culture
Ancient and modern Roman culture combine!

You don't even have to be in Rome - driving along any road in Italy you're likely to come across some Roman  ruins.  You'll be surprised at just how much fun it can be learning about  how old and new connect - it's fascinating!

Let's start with the basics.

Ever wondered -

  • Just how big the Empire was
  • Why being a Roman Emperor wasn't everyone's idea of a dream job
  • Where graffiti started
  • Who invented the doggy bag?

Just click on the pics to find the answers to all this and more.

Map of ancient Rome
Ancient Roman daily life facts
Ancient Roman daily life

Any more fun facts about ancient Italian history?

How about these :

  • Sausage sandwiches were big in ancient bathhouses
  • Giraffes used to wander the streets of Rome
  • Ostriches appeared in the Colosseum
  • No-one was ever martyred in the ancient Roman Colosseum, despite what everyone thinks
  • Beyoncé once drank Pepsi in the middle of it!

And we think that once you've read about the Colosseum you'll want to visit, so we've included a page of 'top tips' about the best way to do it.

Ancient Roman animals
Ancient Roman bathhouses
Roman Pantheon

Roman Colosseum
Ancient Roman Colosseum
Visit the Colosseum in Rome

Can't get enough about the culture of ancient Rome?

Here's some more!

  • How did crows help people to write?
  • Why did women wear snakes?
  • Did gladiators really wear lockets?
  • Can it really be right that brides used to have their wedding hair styled with a spear?
  • Why did Keira Knightly have something in common with the women of ancient Rome?

The section on weddings will be particularly interesting if you want to add some Italian culture and traditions into your own engagement etiquette or wedding ceremony, because modern wedding customs in Italy almost all have their origins in Roman history.

History of fountainpens
Ancient Roman jewelry
Ancient Roman weddings

Where to now?

If you've enjoyed our facts about the Roman Empire and its effects on modern Italian traditions, we think you'll like these pages.

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