Romantic books set in Italy : we review the best!

What could be more part of Italian culture and traditions than love?  We review the very best romantic books set in Italy that you could ever wish to find. Read, rate, enjoy!

Think of Italian culture and one of the things likely to come into your mind is romance. Love and Italy just go together.

The wonderfully expressive language, the beautiful breathtaking scenery, the warm and friendly people, the comforting food, the overall love of life - that’s the romance of Italy.

Romantic books from Italy

So it’s not surprising that there is a wealth of romantic novels set in Italy.

We have read everything and anything there is to read about Italy and everything Italian.

From Italian cook books to guide books and language books to detective novels set in Italy, we have tried hard not to leave a single page unturned!

So these are all books we have read. Some are set in Italy, some are about Italian Americans, some are about people who have settled in Italy and found their spiritual home.

All of them have two things in common. Romance - and Italy.

We love them - and we’d be delighted to know what you think of them too.

Which romantic books set in Italy
do you love?

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More romantic books from Italy.

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Eat, Pray, Love. 
Eat, Pray, Love. Elizabeth Gilbert. ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ is one of those books - you either love it or you hate it, …

Romantic Italian books -
Italy : my beautiful obsession.
Italy, My Beautiful Obsession: an American Italophile falls in love. Arden Fowler. In 1951 a young American girl …

Italian romantic books :
'In Love in Italy'.
In Love in Italy : a traveler's guide to the most romantic destinations in the country of 'Amore'. Monica Larner. …

Italian romantic books:
Italy - a love story.
Italy, a Love Story : women write about the Italian experience : Camille Cucumano (ed.) This isn’t a love story in …

Romantic books from Italy :
'Letters to Juliet'.
Letters to Juliet : Lisa and Ceil Friedman. Buyer beware : this is not the book of the film. But in our …

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