Italian food gifts from a real life Nonna!

Please note: Unfortunately at the moment, Nonna box is only available within the USA. We know you'll be disappointed if you live somewhere else, so we'll let you know if that changes.

Looking for a gift for someone who loves Italian food? A special something for Mother's Day or Christmas? Or maybe you'd like to treat yourself!

You've just found a really special opportunity.

Love to eat Italian food?  Like to cook?  Or know someone who does?

Don’t have the time to trail all over town looking for the right deli with the right ingredients?  Exhausted trying to hunt down that special gift?

Well - check this out!

Thumbnail Italian food.

It’s called Nonna Box and it's such a great idea - a whole basket of authentic, specialist made Italian ingredients delivered directly to your door!

As Guido, the founder, said to us,

"It's got a lot of heart!"

How to use this page.

Clicking on any of the pics will take you straight to Nonna Box's own website, where you can read more and order your gifts.

We like to know the partners we work with, so we're providing the back-story of Guido and his Nonna.  If you want to go straight to what you get, here are the sections we cover:

So what exactly is "Nonna Box"?

  • It's a gift box, or a subscription to a series of gift boxes.  Each one contains 6 products, all of which are authentic, sourced in the region and rarely (if ever) found outside Italy.
  • Guido was not content with celebrating only the cooking of his own grandmother.   He wanted to go further and find the cooking methods, dishes and tips of grandmothers throughout Italy.  
  • So each box highlights a different region of Italy.  
  • Each one also contains the story of a different "Nonna" from the region, who shares her story.
  • And it has her favourite three recipes.  Some of them use the products in the box, some don't.
  • As if that's not enough, each contains three cards about the region, including -

**Local cooking traditions**

**Why the products you've received are important in the area**

**Serving suggestions**

Chosen by The Wall Street Journal as
"one of the tastiest and worldliest food subscription boxes".

Nonna Box's story - and why you need to know.

Meet Guido Pedrelli, the founder - the whole thing is his brainchild.

Guido Pedrelli.

"Nonna Box" all started with Guido and his "Nonna" - that being the Italian word for grandmother.

Did you have a grandma whose cooking was just, well, out of this world?  Guido certainly did. 

Guido’s family come from the Emilia-Romagna region in the northern part of Italy.  Much of the region consists of broad, flat, fertile plains - perfect for growing great fruit and vegetables as well as raising healthy, happy livestock.

If you've ever been in the area, you'll have seen the glorious landscape - acres and acres of fields, orchards and vineyards.

So it's hardly  surprising that a lot of the Italian food you're familiar with comes from that region.  Emilia-Romagna includes the cities of Parma (think Parma ham, and of course Parmesan cheese!), Bologna (heard of Bolognese sauce?).  And Modena and Reggio Emilia Bologna are the only regions where Balsamic Vinegar can legally be produced. 

No great surprise, then, that Guido knows what great ingredients make fabulous food dishes - and knows where to source them.

The whole concept of "Nonna Box" was driven by his passion for food and his nostalgia for the home cooking of his childhood. He knew he was not alone in this, and decided to share his passion more widely.

So now, he can help you cook up great Italian meals - the authentic way.

Why is it so good?

  • Learn as you cook!  You may have thought, as we did before we lived here, that there's just one style of Italian food.  You'll discover just how wrong that is!
  • Each of the 20 regions has a distinctive cuisine, different regional specialities and different twists on what might be thought of as standard Italian fare.  Nonna Box reflects them all. 
  • The stories of real grandmothers give you a real feel for family life and what it means to be Italian.
Italian food gift box.
  • It's a very flexible service. Buy a one-off package as a sample for yourself, or as a gift. 
  • Or subscribe and get a "food parcel" once a month for as long as you want.  The gifts that keep on giving!
  • You can end your subscription without penalty, any time you choose.

Any drawbacks?

Sadly, at the moment Nonna Box can only ship within the USA.  We've been in touch with Guido, though, and we know he'd love to expand to other countries.  If he does, we'll be sure to let you know!

What people are saying about Nonna Box.

You'll see more feedback if you click over to the website.  Here's just a small selection of comments for you:

"Thank you so very much.  The food is so delicious, and reminds me of my Grandma"

"Everything about Nonna Box has been exceptional".

"I received a phone call from my mother and father this morning, and they are over the moon about receiving the Nonna Box from Piemonte".

"The selection and recipes chosen for each box were very high quality and unique".

Nonna Box cooked meal.

How to buy a single box - or a subscription as that extra-special gift.

It couldn't be easier.  Just click on over to the website.  Take a look round.   What do you have to lose?

And when you're ready, you'll find instructions there about how to buy either one gift box, or a monthly subscription.

What a great gift for a special person in your life!

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