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How to make pizza dough for delicious Italian dessert recipes.

Sweet pizza is not well known outside Italy, but it’s delicious.

How to make pizza dough

If you want to learn how to make pizza dough for Italian dessert recipes it's not difficult, and it tastes so much better than a shop-bought product.

We’ve described a hand-made easy pizza dough recipe for savoury dishes, and a quicker bread machine pizza dough recipe elsewhere.

Now we look at how to make pizza dough for sweet recipes.

Simple and delicious, it’s worth every minute of the time it takes. It stores well in a tin and will freeze well too.

We use our bread machineto make this base, but you can also make it by hand if you have the time.

How to make pizza dough for Italian desserts : ingredients

This is enough to make one 10” base.

As with the savoury version, it is important that you put the ingredients in the machine’s pan in the order they appear here - otherwise it won’t work as well.

✱  0.5 teaspoon dried yeast

Sweet pizza

✱  300 gr (11 oz) strong white bread flour. Brown doesn’t work well for sweet pizza.

✱  2 tablespoons white sugar

✱  15 gr (0.5 oz) unsalted butter

✱  1 tablespoon dried milk powder

✱  210 ml (7 fluid oz) warm water

How to make sweet pizza dough

✱  Put all the ingredients together into the bread maker’s pan and set the machine to ‘pizza’ mode. It will take 45 minutes.

Sweet pizza
Sloppy sweet dough.

✱  At the end of the time, turn the mixture out onto work surface. 

✱  You’ll find the sugar in the dough makes it quite sloppy, so the board, rolling pin and your hands all need quite a bit of flour to stop it sticking.

✱  Knead it well for about five minutes, until it forms a soft, smooth ball.

✱  Making sure the work surface is well floured, roll into a round just big enough to fit your dish. 

✱  Leave it for at least 30 minutes until slightly risen.

How to make pizza dough
The finished sweet pizza base.

✱  Now cook in a moderate oven - 180⁰ C, (350⁰ F, gas mark 4) for about fifteen minutes. When cooked it will be golden brown and slightly risen.

✱  Take out of the pan and place on a baking tray to cool. 

✱  If it has risen too much, wait until it has cooled and gently push the crust down. It will crack, but the cracks will be covered with your topping.

✱  Now cover with your favourite topping and ...


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If you don't want to use a machine to make this base, just use the same ingredients with our method for making a savoury easy pizza dough - it really is very straightforward.

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