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How to make pizza dough: the art of creation in Italian culture.

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There's an art to making pizza dough in Italian culture...

Using the right type of flour and oil is crucial to the quality of the finished product. The ambient temperature and how much it's handled can affect taste and texture.

And cooking is the final ingredient. It can be the difference between your pizza dough being a soggy-bottom mess or the light, slightly crispy base for your delicious toppings.

In these articles you'll find everything you need to know about how to make pizza dough, from

  • the right ingredients, and how to find them
  • the basics of a handmade dough, to
  • the specialities of sweet and gluten-free doughs, to
  • the convenience of a machine made product.

Use the buttons or headings to see detailed articles on each.

Easy basic pizza dough recipe.

How to make basic pizza dough - link.

Making a basic pizza dough is a simple process. And it makes sure that the base of your pizza is freshly made, free from additives, salt and sugar, and as close to the traditional Italian pizza dough as it's possible to get.

Based on a recipe from our friends in Italy, there are step-by-step instructions with photos at every stage to guide you through the process.

It takes time, but not much - and the payoff is immense. Don't miss it!

The best bread machine pizza dough recipe.

Bread machine pizza dough recipe - link.

Can authentic Italian pizza dough really be made in a machine? Shouldn't it be made by sweating over a hot rolling pin?

This article describes why making pizza dough in a bread machine can save time and still create a tasty, additive-free, healthy dough your family will love as a basis for their pizza treats.

A simple recipe with step-by-step instructions and photos to guide you along the way makes this a must-read article for busy parents who want to give their family a healthy pizza option.