The weather in Venice, Italy, in the summer months

We look at the summer weather in Venice (Italy)
- the climate during June, July and August
and the best things to do in Venice in the heat.

Venice Italy gondolas

Weather in Venice, Italy  :  general information

It's important to understand the location of Venice, because it has a huge bearing on its climate.  Situated on a very flat plain on the Adriatic coast in northern Italy, Venice is surrounded by water.

The combination of that location and the hot climate in Venice, Italy, during the summer months - sometimes as hot as the south of the country - leads to very high humidity often accompanied by thunderstorms.

The weather in Venice, Italy in summer

Blue skies of Venice Italy in summer weather
The blue, blue sky of Venice in the summer.
St Mark's Square, 2009.

When is summer?

Venetians would define summer in Venice as being between early June and the end of August.

Temperature in summer

Temperatures in Venice are much more moderate than either Florence or Rome's climate in summer but even so, summers tend to be hot and sunny with daytime temperatures ranging from 25°C (80°F) in June to as high as 31°C (90°F) in August - in fact sometimes it reaches over 40°C (104°F).

The evening temperatures fall to about 16°C (60°F) in June, rising to around 18°C (65°F) which is very comfortable for sitting out to eat.

Weather in Venice, Italy  :  what about rain in summer?

Rainfall tends to remain fairly similar throughout the year in Venice, with the exception of 'Acqua Alta' in spring and autumn, but in summer it generally falls in short, sharp thunderstorms, usually in the afternoon.

Although you need to go prepared for rain (take an umbrella!) you'll also find the storms help to clear the humidity from the air, making your night's sleep much more pleasant.

Weather in Venice, Italy  :  what's good about summer?

The days are long, the nights are warm, and sitting under a starry sky overlooking the lagoon or the Grand Canal either eating or just sitting, has to rank as one of the most romantic things to do in Venice - or in the whole world!

Weather in Venice, Italy : what's not so good?

Venice Italy weather summer haze
Summer haze over the lagoon.

Haze  :  the weather can be a little unpredictable as rain clouds move in from the Adriatic.  The high levels of humidity in the city can be unpleasant - make sure your hotel has air conditioning - and the heat haze which settles during the day can spoil some views, particularly across the lagoon.

Smell  :  a question we're often asked is, "does Venice smell in summer?"  Stories of stinking canals abound - but we've never had that problem. The heat plus the still waters of summer may mean some of the small canals give off more of a smell than usual, but the bigger canals around the centre just don't seem to live up to that particular myth.

Bugs  :  The humid climate in Venice (Italy) can also mean there are a lot of mosquitoes around. Make sure you take a good sunscreen with a mosquito repellent, or a separate product specifically for mosquitoes.  We've found the roll-on type (designed for tropical Africa!) are very effective.

Crowds  :  Venice attracts visitors all year round and especially in the summer, but the heat and humidity of summer weather in Venice can make the city tiring when combined with the bigger crowds.

Any special things to do in Venice in the summer?

July and August are the busiest times in Venice in terms of the influx of tourists, and the crowds can be overwhelming.  Despite this, there aren't many 'festas' during the summer - tourists tend to concentrate on seeing all the 'usual' Venice sights.

Things to do in Venice, the pontoon bridge
The pontoon bridge of the
'Festa del Redentore'.

Nevertheless, one of the best things to do in Venice does take place on the third weekend in July : the 'Festa del Redentore' (Feast of Christ the Redeemer) which celebrates Venice's delivery from the plague.

Walk across the pontoon bridge built across the Giudecca canal specially for the occasion, watch the gondola races, and see the amazing fireworks.

The other big event in Venice in the summer months is the Venice Film Festival which takes place in late August or early September.  The oldest film festival in the world, it all happens on Venice's 'Lido'.

Go there if you want to see some of the best known movie stars; recent attendees have included George Clooney, Colin Firth, Ewan McGregor and Omar Sharif.

Is the weather in Venice, Italy in the summer enough to put you off going?

Venice isn’t a city you visit for the weather. Tourists come throughout the year to see the historical monuments, the museums and the cultural events. 

Summer weather in Venice won't spoil your visit if you're ready for it and have thought in advance of how to keep cool.

To be honest, if we were given the choice we would probably avoid Venice in the summer. The heat and the crowds combine to make it a very tiring experience and for that reason, we've found both Venice's weather in spring and autumn (fall) better times to visit.

These months avoid the crowds, the heat and the humidity of summer and are still quite sunny, but days tend to be crisper and the air less humid.