Fun, interesting facts about Italy you never knew you needed to know!

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From where the Pope lives in summer to what the President thinks of the National Anthem to what currency Italian people use - we cover a range of fun, interesting facts about Italy you'll love!

We will never tire of learning about our adopted homeland. Getting to know a country you love is never anything but fun.  Interesting facts are not dry pieces of encyclopaedic knowledge - they're what makes anywhere a pleasure to live in and a joy to learn about.

Here we look at some facts about Italy which will help if you're planning to visit, some which will help with Italian projects, facts that are like the country itself - a bit zany and off the wall - and some facts which are just plain fun.

And how could we not cover Ancient Roman culture? The fascinating customs and culture of ancient Italy were the basis of many of our modern day customs and traditions - and their laws formed the basis of modern day legal systems.

Want to plan an Italian themed wedding? - Ancient Rome's your starting point. You'll be surprised to learn how many ancient Italian customs stem from the traditions of the Roman Empire. And the great thing about them is - they don't have to be costly!

So, join us on these pages while we share with you everything we have learned about this fabulous country and its people.