The Spinone Italiano : all you need to know.

The Italian Spinone or Spinone Italiano :

all the information you need to help you decide if this is the dog for you!

The details on these pages are taken from a number of sources :

*  Our personal experience of the breed (we own a Spin rescue dog - her story is there too!);

*  Meeting many working Spinoni (the Italian word for more than one!) in Le Marche, the part of rural Italy where we have our home;

*  Discussions with our own veterinary practitioner;

*  Contact with the UK's breed association; and

*  Contact with other Spin owners.

Spinone gifts, created specially for you!

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Size, temperament, looks, care, training and cost
Where the Spinone came from and what it means for you.
Cerebellar ataxia in the Spinone Itlaiano
Dog bloat - causes, symptoms and what to do.
Taking a rescue Spinone - what to expect
A rescue Italian Spinone story - our dog Ellie
Tell us about your Spinone Italiano!
Italian girl dog names with meanings
Italian boy dog names with meanings