Italian dog names : top ten for male dogs, including meanings.

Own an Italian dog breed? Here are ten of the best Italian dog names for males, together with their pronunciation and meanings.

Italian dog breeds are becoming more and more popular worldwide.

As well as the Neopolitan Mastiff which is probably the most well-known, the miniature Italian greyhound, the gorgeous Italian sheep dog, the dreadlocked Bergamasco sheep dog, and our own favourite (because one owns us!) the Spinone Italiano are all increasing in numbers outside Italy.

Neopolitan Mastiff

Each of them has its own breed personality (we describe them on our Italian dog breed pages - have a look) and you will want to choose a name to reflect their character.

These are male dog names.  If you have a female dog, have a look at our page of the top ten female Italian dog names.

Italian name Pronunciation Meaning in English
Adolfo A-doll-foh Majestic wolf
Dante Dan-tay Giving
Dino Dee-know Little sword
Drago Dra-goh Dragon
Fidelio Fee-day-lyoh Faithful
Gino Gee-know Noble
Guido Gwee-doh Guide
Leone Lay-own-ay Lion
Luca Loo-ca Light
Vito Vee-toh Life

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