Italian pasta recipes :
a review of the best cook books

Looking for great Italian pasta recipes?

Italian pasta recipes

We review the best pasta recipe books available.

We have our own authentic recipes, each of which is an everyday dish from our friends in Italy.

We can even show you how to make pasta with our quick and oh-so-easy method.

But the truth is there are so many great Italian dishes that we just can’t hope to cover them all.

Below you’ll find links to the best Italian pasta cook books we know. 

We love pasta, so you can rest easy in the knowledge that we have either tried and tested them ourselves, or we know someone who has.

Buy, try and most of all - enjoy!

Do you have a pasta cookery book you wouldn't be without?

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Italian pasta recipes : the best cookery books reviewed.

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Italian Pasta Recipes
for Real Pasta Lovers.
Truly Madly Pasta : Ursula Ferrigno. This hardcover book would make a great gift for the person who knows and loves …

Basic Italian pasta cook books. 
Pasta Basics : Step by Step Guide. Laura Zavan. Born in Treviso, part of Italy’s Veneto region, Laura Zavan brings …

Vegetarian Italian Pasta Cook Books. 
Pasta Verde : More than 140 Vegetarian Recipes for Pasta Sauces, Soups, Salads, and Baked Pastas. Judith Barrett. …

Fresh Pasta Recipe Book. 
Thirty Minute Pasta : 100 Quick and Easy Recipes - Giuliano Hazan. This is a hardcover book which makes it a great …

One of the Best
Italian Pasta Cook Books.
'The Geometry of Pasta' : Caz Hildebrand. If you love pasta and are passionate about knowing how to use it properly, …

Italian pasta cook books. 
'Passion for Pasta' : Antonio Carluccio. Born on the Amalfi coast and raised in north-west Italy, Antonio Carluccio is …

Italian pasta cook books :
pasta machines.
The Pasta Machine Cook Book. This paperback is a must for anyone who owns either an electric or a manual pasta machine. …

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