Inspirational Quotes - with an Italian twist!

Inspirational quotes - with an Italian twist!

Italy. A place of great beauty, great romance, great joy. What a great source for inspirational quotes!

One of the things that makes Italy such a wonderful place to be, whether you live there or you're just visiting, is its immense ability to inspire a real love of life - La Dolce Vita!

Sometimes, that life can be hard. Sometimes it's tragic. Often it's fun, and vibrant, and romantic.  And always, there's a great sense of family and of community.

Thinking about the many faces of Italy inspired us to create a series of images for you.

Some are funny, some are sad. All of them, we hope, reflect the Italy all of us know and love.

We have rights to all these images, and downloading them without permission is not just illegal - it's not a nice thing to do.  So please, do not download them and use them as your own.

Feel free to Pin them to your heart's content - there's a "Save" button under each one. And don't forget to visit our Pinterest boards for more stunning pics of Italy.

We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed putting them together.

Have fun!

Bertrand Russell quote.
Italy - the most stylish country in the world.
Italy: where my heart is.
Take me with you!

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