Learn the Italian language in whichever style suits you!

Learn Italian : language resources on- and offline, some free, some not - and some basic phrases for you to learn.

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Learn Italian language books and audio
Books and audio
learn Italian language free online
Learn free online
Snail mail pen pal
Find an Italian pen pal
E mail pen pal
E mail pen pals
 basic Italian phrases
Basic phrases
Italian love phrases
Love phrases
Easter sayings in Italian
Easter wishes
Italian mothers day
Mother’s Day poetry
Girls’ names
Girls’ names
Boys’ names
Boys’ names

We all learn language differently. Some like to listen, some read, some need pictures. On these pages you'll find a whole variety of ways for you to learn Italian. Language skills can be learned no matter what your age or previous experience - all you need to do is browse to find which way, or ways, suit you best.

Some of the resources we recommend are ways for you to learn Italian free; others need to be paid for. The best method, of course, is to visit Italy and talk to the people. But if you can't do that, these resources are the next best thing. 

If you don't want to learn Italian but just need a phrase or two for a greetings card, have a look at our special 'words and phrases' pages for examples.

And if you want to reflect your Italian heritage in the name of your children, our girls' and boys' names pages will tell you not only the most popular names but also their meaning, their equivalent (if there is one) in English, and even their saint's day - an important part of the culture of Italy.

So enjoy - and remember, learning a language should be fun!


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