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Italian is the most romantic language in the world.  But how to learn Italian? That can be a challenge.

We are lucky enough to have our own home in Italy and being there, talking with our friends and neighbours, speaking Italian in shops, bars, even on the beach, is without any doubt the best way of learning the Italian language.

But we weren’t always that fortunate. We started looking at how to learn Italian long before we owned a house there. And one of the main ways we did it was by buying every language book, CD and DVD we possibly could.

So here we’re going to share with you the best of the best. The books we found most useful, why they worked, what level they’re aimed at and who they are best suited to.

We also look at alternatives to the book.

One of the best sources of learning is the audio book in the form of DVDs; another is the use of the electronic book reader - the Amazon Kindle - for taking books with you wherever you go.

It’s amazing what you can learn from the odd ten minutes whilst waiting at the doctor’s surgery, at the airport, on a train …

So here it is  : how to learn the Italian language - our pick of the best resources.

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Learn the Italian language with these resources.

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Michel Thomas’
Italian language lesson.
Michel Thomas : ‘Speak Italian’ lesson for beginners. . You will never have been to an Italian language lesson like this one! This is our very, …

Italian for Dummies. 
Italian for Dummies : a reference for the rest of us. . The ‘Dummies’ books are now iconic, and Italian for Dummies is no exception. It’s …

Italian verbs. 
Italian verb drills : Paola Nanni. . Learning any language involves a certain amount of pure study and repetition. If you’re of a “certain …

How to learn Italian. 
How to learn Italian : language books - ’La Bella Lingua’. Sub-titled “My love affair with the world’s most romantic language” , Dianne Hales …

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