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Italian pizza: everything you want to know.

All about Italian pizza - pin for later.

Pizza is a staple of the Italian diet - as much a part of Italian culture as pasta, talking with your hands and not drinking cappuccino after 10am.

Originally an inexpensive meal created in times of poverty, pizza has evolved into a worldwide phenomenon, only loosely based on the Italian original.

In these articles you'll find all the information you ever wanted to know about Italian pizza: 

  • the cultural aspects including how and where it originated, regional differences and why pineapple is considered unacceptable as a topping
  • original, authentic Italian recipes for the best pizza dough - loudly contested in different parts of the country
  • making pizza dough by hand and by machine
  • what makes a great topping - and what doesn't
  • inside or out: what's the best way to cook it?

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Section 1: The basics.

How to make pizza dough.

All about pizza dough - link.

Everything you ever wanted to know about pizza dough, all in one place!

Dough is the basis of every pizza. In these articles we cover what make the best ingredients, and where to find them, recipes for basic, sweet and gluten free doughs (and everything in between), even how to make pizza dough in a bread maker!

If you want to make delicious, healthy, homemade pizza, avoiding additives, sugar and salt, this is the place to start.

Section 2: Equipment.

The Presto Pizzazz pizza oven: a review.

The Presto Pizzazz Pizza Oven - a Review. Link.

Show Italian friends a video of this machine and they'll laugh. Why have a tabletop gadget when you can have a proper pizza oven?

This little gadget, though, is beloved of pizza makers everywhere (except Italy!). It's small enough to fit on a counter-top, cooks pizza and other foods really quickly and uses just 60% of the electricity of a conventional oven.

So before you dismiss it, take a look at our review. Who knows, it could be the perfect answer for your family!