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Facts about Italy you should know before you visit.

Facts about Italy - pin for later.

Want to see Italy as a friend rather than a tourist?

Here are some basic facts about culture and daily life which will help your visit go smoothly.

On this page there are links to articles about everything:

  • From facts about the flag to words of the national anthem, which will help you join in local festivities rather than standing silently on the sidelines.
  • From understanding currency to facts about time, crime and keeping your valuables safe, allowing you to travel safely.
  • Language basics, because learning even a few basic words will earn you respect and friendship, wherever you go.
  • And so much more!

To go to any of these articles, simply click on the buttons or any of the blue links.

The Italian flag: facts about its meaning and use.

All about the Italian flag - link.

Italians are fiercely proud of their national flag and its history. You'll see its colours everywhere you go - not just on the flag itself but in salads, pizza, pasta - even gelato (ice cream)! 

This article explains the symbolism of the colours, where you would expect to find it flying, where you can buy one if you'd like to take one home and what its relation to the European flag is.

It also explains why there was a very Italian revolt over a dispute about colours!

Facts about Italy's national anthem.

The Italian national anthem - link.

The fact is that the Italian national anthem is a mix of words no-one understands and music defined as poor quality by musicians and critics alike. A politician even once suggested it should be scrapped altogether.

And yet, it's beloved of Italians and non-Italians the world over. 

If you've ever wanted to join in with the energetic, boisterous rendition, now is your chance. This article explains the meaning, gives the words with an English translation, and provides four different videos for you to watch and, if you'd like, to learn from.

Time in Italy.

All about the time in Italy - link.

What's the time right now in Italy? How far behind or in front of your home time zone will it be when you visit? Does it change with Daylight Savings time? How does the 24-hour clock work? And is the Vatican on the same time zone, or different?

All these questions and more are answered in this article about Italy and time

And there are some fun, interesting facts about how time works in Italy, including why you should never have a cappuccino after 10am!

Italian currency.

All about Italy's currency - the Euro. Link.

One of the main problems visitors to Italy face is understanding the currency. What it is, what it looks like and where to get it both before you travel and while you're in Italy.

This article covers all those facts and more. Whether you can use the Italian euro in Vatican City, whether credit cards can be used instead - and what if you have leftover lire?

We also provide a free calculator so you can begin to understand how much your own currency will get you while you're away.