Best Italian salad recipe pages - pick your favourite here!

Each Italian salad recipe has been handed down from friends in Italy and tried and tested by us. Combine them with one of our delicious dressings for a fresh and healthy meal.

Italian salad recipes

Caprese salad

Caprese salad

Originating in the south-west of Italy and reflecting the Italian flag colors, Caprese is probably the most well known Italian salad recipe.

Simple to make, it always looks spectacular as part of a full meal or in the middle of a picnic table.

Italian bread salad

Italian bread salad

Italians are very good at using leftover bread, and this recipe is a favourite.

It’s generally used in the heat of summer but is good at any time of year.

Quick to make, it’s a great accompaniment to meat and fish dishes.

Cold Italian pasta salad

Ultimate pasta salad recipe

In Italy this dish is known as “Non posso piú” or “no more is possible”! It’s the best salad recipe we know.

Use it to impress your friends as part of a meal, or as a main course with crusty bread.

It’s such a healthy summer recipe - and delicious with it!

Home made Italian salad dressing

Basic Italian salad dressing

You’ll probably already have the ingredients for this dressing in your store cupboard.

It's the most basic of salad dressings, made with the freshest possible ingredients. It takes a few minutes to create.

Transform your salads into something special. It’s tasty, it’s delicious - it’s Italian!

Creamy Italian salad dressing recipe

Creamy salad dressing recipe

Simple but truly scrumptious.

Add this dressing to any salad to transform it into a gourmet dish.

It’s quick, easy and you can even make a low-fat version!

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