Italian bread salad, or ‘Panzanella’ : a delicious summer salad

This Italian bread salad recipe is traditionally made in the Tuscany region as part of the summer table - but it’s delicious at any time of year.

Italians always find ways of using leftover bread, and this is one of them.  Make sure you use a good, solid loaf. Ordinary white bread won’t work well - its consistency is too soft and it will disintegrate.

Italian bread salad

This recipe, like many recipes from Italy, calls for chopped garlic.

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✱  1 loaf Italian bread

✱  3 cloves garlic

✱  1 cup chopped tomatoes

✱  1 cup chopped cucumber

✱  1 stick celery

✱  1 cup chopped red onion

✱  2 cups chopped fresh basil

✱  1/8 cup chopped fresh thyme

✱  0.5 cup olive oil

✱  2 tablespoons balsamic or red wine vinegar

How to make it

✱  This salad is best prepared and presented in a wooden salad bowl, if you have one. 

✱  Peel one clove of garlic and use it to rub around the bowl.

✱  Take the loaf and cut it into small cubes. Put into a baking tray, drizzle with half the olive oil and sprinkle on one chopped garlic clove.

Italian bread salad

✱  Toast in a medium oven until the bread is brown and quite crisp - just a little less toasted than croutons.

✱  Chop all the remaining ingredients to roughly similar sized pieces.

✱  Combine all the ingredients except the bread in the bowl.

✱  Add the bread only immediately before you intend to serve the salad - if it's added early it will absorb the liquid from the other ingredients and become too soggy.

✱  Now drizzle the remaining oil and vinegar over and serve.

✱  Although it’s not part of the traditional Italian bread salad, including mozarella is a tasty addition.


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