Learn the Italian language for free in ten minutes a day!

So you're planning a trip to Italy and you want to be more than a tourist?

You need to learn some basic words and phrases to help you get along during your stay. You'll find that the Italian people around you will be delighted that you've made the effort - and it's not that difficult!

The UK’s British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is known world-wide as an authority on objective news reporting and quality television programmes. But given their motto, it’s probably not surprising that the BBC languages website pages are also second to none.

Learn the Italian language for free: where to start

One of the best things about the BBC languages site is that it’s not a ‘one site fits all’ solution. It knows there’s a difference between needing to grasp the very basics and needing more advanced lessons.

This website has a simple multiple choice test which only takes a few minutes to complete, and makes a very realistic assessment of where your knowledge of the language is up to - beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Depending on your score it then recommends blocks of learning which are best suited to your level.

How to learn Italian : different methods

It’s one thing to read a 'foreign' language in your own home - it’s very different when you hear it spoken, or try to speak it yourself.

How to learn Italian

The second great feature of this site is that the BBC recognises that, and at the same time knows that people have different learning styles. Some people learn best by reading, some by listening, others by watching, or repeating by rote.

So this site provides for all those different styles, and more.  Videos, audios, transcripts, quizzes, question and answer sections - there’s something for everyone.

Learn the Italian language for free : sections to savour

BBC languages

Did you know that Italy's alphabet only has twenty-one letters? Here you’ll find out how to pronounce them all. No more struggling when your hotel asks you to spell your name!

From basic  phrases around accommodation, shopping, food and drink to more advanced conversations, phrases, mobile downloads, and a funny section on common language mistakes - it’s all there. 

Want to know the derogatory word for a police officer? You’ll find a whole section on “Cool Italian” - slang phrases in everyday use.

Conclusion :

This BBC languages site is a great resource. It has something for everyone and, importantly, it caters to different learning styles. 

If you’re wanting to learn Italian for free, whether for a holiday or for a more in-depth knowledge, this is a great place to start.

Click on the link below to go to the BBC languages website, which will open in a new window.

Learn Italian language for free with BBC

Want to learn some everyday words quickly? Our basic Italian phrases will start you off.