Italian dog names : pronunciation and meaning of the best names for bitches

Italian dog breeds deserve Italian dog names!  We suggest ten of the best to suit breeds from the huge Neopolitan Mastiff to the tiny Italian greyhound puppy.

Miniature Italian greyhound

Our Italian Spinone rescue dog is called Ellie - not very Italian. But that's because we didn't name her. If we had a Spinone puppy, we'd try to find an Italian name to match the breed and the dog's personality.

If you have chosen one of the Italian dog breeds as your family pet, you may want to do the same.  Whether it's a tiny breed like the miniature Italian greyhound or a large breed such as the Italian sheep dog or the Bergamasco dog.

So here we give you ten of the best names for your Italian pooch, together with their meanings and pronunciation to help you choose the most appropriate one.

Or if you have a male dog, have a look at our page of the top ten male names.

Italian name Pronunciation Meaning in English
Aria A-ree-yah Melody
Bella Bella Beautiful
Cira Chee-ra Sunny
Fausta Fows-ta Lucky
Fiorella Fee-or-ella Little flower
Ita Ee-ta Little one
Lucia Loo-cheeya Light
Mia Meeya Mine
Stella Stella Star
Viviana Vee-vee-yana Full of life

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