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A map of ancient Rome.

Need to know where the Roman Empire was?

This 'at-a-glance' map of ancient Rome shows you exactly how it looked in the second Century A.D.

The Romans were what you might call 'ambitious'!

By the time this map was drawn up in the 2nd Century A.D., the territory extended right across what we now know as Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

How far was that, exactly?

About two and a half million square miles.

That's big!

The United States of America covers about 3.5 million square miles - but remember, ancient Romans had no telecommunications, no internet, no high-speed jets.

It was a massive area to command, made up of many different territories stretching from what we now know as Scotland in the north to Egypt in the south, and from Portugal in the west to Iraq (Mesopotamia) in the east.

Map of Ancient Rome
Map reproduced courtesy of the Dalton School.

Key to the map of ancient Rome.

1. Baetica
19. Noricum
37. Cappadocia
2. Lusitania
20. Pannonia
38. Pontus
3. Tarraconesis
21. Dalmatia
39. Armenia Inferior
4. Narbonensis
22. Dacia
40. Sophene
5. Aquitania
23. Meosia
41. Osroene
6. Lugdunensis
24. Thracia
42. Commagene
7. Belgica
25. Macedonia
43. Armenia
8. Britannia
26. Epirus
44. Assyria
9. Germania Inferior
27. Achaea
45. Mesopotamia
10. Germania Superior
28. Asia
46. Syria
11. Langobardi
29. Bithynia
47. Judaea
12. Rhaetia
30. Galatia
48. Arabia Petraea
13. Italia
31. Lycaonia
49. Aegyptus
14. Sicilia
32. Lycia
50. Cyrenaica
15. Corsica / Sardinia
33. Pisidia
51. Numidia
16. Alpes Penninae
34. Pamphylia
52. Africa
17. Alpes Cottiae
35. Cyprus
53. Mauretania
18. Alpes Maritimae
36. Cilicia
54. Baleares

If you want to know more about how all these different cultures affected life in the ancient Roman Empire, look no further!  Just click on the pics to take you to our detailed pages.

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