Rome's climate in Spring.

What will the weather in Rome, Italy, be like between April and June?

It may be a little unpredictable, but Rome's climate in Spring makes it one of the best times to visit. Come with us and dicscover everything you need to know about the weather in Rome, Italy, during those months, and hear our suggestions for the best seasonal things to do.

Confused? Not surprising!

You're planning a trip to Rome in the Spring. You've heard stories about snow, ice, rain, boiling sun - which to believe?

Or maybe you've not yet planned your trip and you're wondering when's the best season to visit.

This page is based on our personal experience of Rome's weather during the last ten years, and information from Italian weather resources.

What does that mean for you?

It's reliable! (Well, as reliable as any weather forecast can be!).

The Spanish Steps covered in azaleas in May.Why go to Rome in the Spring? Here's one answer - the Spanish Steps in May.

Rome's climate in the Springtime.

Spring is probably our very favourite time to be in Rome. There are fewer tourists so places of interest are less crowded, the air is warm without being oppressive, flowers are starting to burst out all over the city and everyone seems generally happier now the dull days of winter are finally over.

Rome in Spring starts to buzz again!

When is Springtime in Rome?

Roughly from mid-April to late June, but Spring weather can arrive as early as March as this picture shows. It was taken on a boiling hot day in March. It's the dome of Saint Peter's Basilica, seen from the Vatican gardens. Don't you wish you were there?

St Peter's Basilica in MArch under a clear blue sky.

Average temperatures in Spring.Official figures - and our own experience bears this out - show the average daytime temperatures in April as around 20° Centigrade (68° Fahrenheit). The temperature at night can get quite chilly though and will drop to about 8°C, 46°F.

By June these will rise to a very pleasant 29°C, 80°F during the day and at night an average of 15°C, 59°F and there is often a pleasant warm breeze. As June turns into July the weather becomes much hotter and more oppressive.

So Rome's climate in Spring is lovely and warm, without being hot and sticky. Perfect!

Piazza Navona, flowers on a balcony in April.April, and the flowers are blooming already in the Piazza Navona.

What about rain? Wherever you are in Italian in the Spring the weather will almost always involve showers, so be ready for them - carry a small umbrella if the sky looks threatening.

But the rain at this time of year is generally light and doesn't last long - and you can always take the opportunity to shelter in one of Rome's many cafés and enjoy a cappuccino or a glass of wine as you watch the world go by.

So what's good about Rome's climate in Spring?


Eating ice creams at the Trevi Fountain in March

It's the most comfortable time of year to visit.

By and large, days are warm enough to sight-see without coats and evenings, although they can be chilly enough to need a jacket, are still warm enough to sit out and enjoy a meal 'al fresco'.

If you want to sit on one of Rome's beautiful squares in early Spring to enjoy your evening meal, you'll find the cafés and restaurants all have outside heating.

And for families with kids this is an ideal time. There's lots to see and do, the weather is warm but not overbearingly hot - and best of all, the ice-cream shops are in full swing again!

And what's not good?

The rain can be disappointing if you're not expecting it. Carry a light raincoat and a small umbrella with you; if you forget to take them you'll be able to buy them anywhere in Rome - but they'll be expensive.

Plan ahead - bookmark this page and a few days before you travel have a look at this Rome weather forecast which will give you an idea of the likely changes in weather while you're there.

Any special things to do in Rome in the Springtime?

March at the Spanish Steps under a clear blue skyThe Spanish Steps in March.

Rome's climate in Springtime makes any sightseeing a real pleasure, but an absolute "must do" in the Spring are the Spanish Steps.

They are a buzzy place to be at any time of year - particularly for young people - but in May thousands of pink azaleas cover the steps - it's a glorious, colourful sight so whatever else you do, don't miss it.

Easter in Italy is always worth seeing and nowhere more so than in Rome.

Thousands of pilgrims choose this time of year to visit as the Pope blesses palms and olive branches in St Peter's Square on Palm Sunday, celebrates mass in St Peter's Basilica on Holy Thursday and in St Peter's Square on Easter Sunday.

You will need tickets for all these religious events and, although they're free the system for ordering them is a little complicated. They should be booked well in advance - they often sell out a year before the event. See the link at the bottom of this page for details of how to get them.

Good Friday in Rome.

Probably the most impressive part of Holy Week in Rome is the Good Friday 'Via Crucis' or 'Way of the Cross' torch-light procession led by the Pope from the Colosseum to the Palatine Hill.

Thousands take part in this (free) procession, so don't expect to get anywhere near the Pope. The best vantage point is the square immediately outside the Colosseum - get there early!

Rome's best kept Spring secret.

And finally, a little known but absolutely beautiful sight in the mild weeks of Springtime is the wonderful municipal rose garden, or 'Roseto Comunale', set on the Aventine Hill with ancient Roman ruins providing a spectacular backdrop to hundreds of varieties of roses.

It's free to enter and a haven of peace and tranquility amongst the noise of Rome.

Location : The Roseto is on Viale del Circo Massimo, on the slopes of the Aventine, above the Circus Maximus. The nearest Metro station is Circo Massimo (Linea B). 

Opening hours : 8 a.m. - 6.30 p.m. every day during the May to June flowering season, during which Rome's climate is at its best. Depending on the weather, daytime opening may be extended with summer evening entertainments but arrangements will vary from year to year. Ask at your hotel for up to date information.

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