Guido Brunetti : Venice maps.

Guido Brunetti

If you love the Donna Leon books about Italian detective Guido Brunetti, you’ll love this part map, part excerpt book which will take you on walks through Venice’s little-known areas.

Guido Brunetti Venice maps
Guido Brunetti

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Guido Brunetti

Cafés, bars, piazzas, churches - they’re all here. If you’ve read the Guido Brunetti novels you’ll not only recognise all the features, you’ll massively enjoy finding them all for yourself.

There are twelve walking tours in this book which is made up in part of Venice maps, and part excerpts from the novels.

And the wonderful thing about it is that even if you’re not able to visit Venice, having this book as a companion while you’re reading the Guido Brunetti novels is a great way to picture the areas you’re reading about.

It’s a little difficult to read as the font is quite small, and it would have been even more fascinating if the maps had been presented separately to the text. But that apart, it’s a must-have.

A fascinating book, but really only for fans of the Guido Brunetti series.

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