Waterbus map : Venice, Italy.

Waterbus map Venice Italy

This inexpensive little map of 'Vaporetto' routes is a must-have if you’re visiting Venice and want to move around by boat.

Waterbus map Venice italy
Waterbus map Venice Italy

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Waterbus map Venice Italy

The best, cheapest, most efficient and most fun way of getting round Venice is by waterbus. Once you get the hang of thinking of them just as an ordinary bus service, you’ll love this as a method of transport.

But you do need to work out which bus is going where, and this waterbus map of Venice (Italy) is ideal for that.

It uses colour to indicate different routes and clearly shows which line is which and where all the stops are.

It’s inexpensive, it’s easy to understand and it’s accurate. It will give you the confidence to use the ‘Vaporettos’ all the time.

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