Carnevale masks : the red devil.

We love this authentic Venetian red devil Carnevale mask - an instant hit at any party!

Carnevale mask

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Are you an angel or a devil?

If you’re going to any kind of masked party, this traditionally made papier mâché Venetian Carnevale mask will be an instant hit - guaranteed to bring out the devil in anyone!

Hand painted in dark red and black, it’s decorated with glitter to catch the light on the tips of its two large horns - and its devilish grin will bring a smile to every face.

Made in Venice by master craftsmen, this mask is designed to be worn and is tied with the traditional black satin ribbon, but can be used after your party as an unusual wall decoration.

It is one of the traditional and authentic Venetian Carnevale masks, and comes with the all-important certificate of authenticity.

Real Italian masks aren’t the cheapest, but we think this one is great value for money and because it’s individually made you won’t find another one like it.

This would be an ideal mask for a masked student ball or any kind of Italian themed party. You may not be the belle of the ball but you’ll certainly be the centre of attention!

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Carnevale masks - the red devil
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