Italian Carnevale masks :
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If you’re looking for an Italian party theme, your first stop should be Carnevale masks.

Italian Carnevale masks

We select the best available on the internet.

Italian people love a good party - any excuse is good enough!

Every year, the period before Lent fasting begins is celebrated by weeks of enjoyment in an attempt to use up all rich food and drink in anticipation of the forty days of sobriety before Easter.

Authentic Italian masks : history

Known as ‘Mardi Gras’ in other countries, the Italian version of these celebrations has a history dating back to ancient Roman times and is known as ‘Carnevale’.  These celebrations happen all over Italy but most famously at the Venice Carnival.

The most well known tradition of Carnevale is wearing elaborate face coverings. The history of this custom is long and fascinating, and Venetian masquerade masks have their own special traditions. 

So if you want to create an Italian party theme - whether for Valentine’s Day, an engagement or bachelorette party or even your Italian themed wedding, these are an absolute must!

Italian Carnevale masks : where to find them

If you’re lucky enough to be visiting Venice, we tell you where to find the best on our page about the Venetian mask tradition.

Italian Carnevale masks blue

But if that’s just too far for you to go there are other ways of buying these stunning pieces of craftsmanship.

Some of the authentic Italian mask-makers in Venice sell online - try the Ca’Macana store for some lovely, and reasonably priced, items.

If you don’t want to pay those prices, or if you can’t wait for the goods to be sent from Italy, we have found some of the ‘best of the rest’ for you.

Click on each link below to see an image of the mask and a chance to buy from who we have found to provide the most competetive prices on the internet. 

Please note that we only recommend masks which have been made in Italy and come with a genuine Italian certificate of authenticity.

Italian Carnevale masks black

Do you look good in a masquerade mask?

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Here's our pick of Italian Carnevale masks for you to buy.

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Carnevale masks : Swarovski cat. 
Italian Carnevale masks : Swarovski studded multi-coloured cat. ’ Il Gatto Arco ’, the multi-coloured cat, is one of the most colourful of …

Venetian masquerade masks. 
Venetian masquerade masks : The Bat. This is an unusual Venetian masquerade mask made from a light metal and laser cut into a delicate, lightweight …

Carnevale masks : the red devil. 
The red devil : one of our favourite Carnevale masks. We love this authentic Venetian red devil Carnevale mask - an instant hit at any party! …

Italian masquerade masks :
Silver Butterfly.
Silver Butterfly Italian masquerade mask. A beautiful, elegant Italian masquerade mask styled as a butterfly and studded with sparkling Swarowski …

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