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Sub-titled “My love affair with the world’s most romantic language”, Dianne Hales kills two birds with one stone in this book.

She shares her love of the origins and meaning of words and phrases with simple ways to remember words if you’re just trying to learn Italian as a language.

Learn the Italian language la Bella Lingua

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This book is a long way from the usual grammar and phrase book. It’s a wonderful mixture of culture and passion with the origins and meaning of the language.

Dianne uses amusing and informative anecdotes and experiences to describe the origins and uses of words: sections include film and theatre, religion and literature, history and modern living. She describes how words originated, how they’re used, why everyone wants to learn Italian.

If you’re looking for a simple phrasebook to learn some ‘getting by’ words for your trip to Italy, this book is probably not for you.

But if you’ve visited Italy and love the language; if you’ve never visited but always wanted to know more; if you’re just passionate about Italy - or if you need an extraordinary gift for someone who is - buy this book!

We guarantee - you won’t regret it.

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