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The Pantheon in Rome : all you need to know.

Visiting Italy and heard you should see the Pantheon in Rome but know nothing about it?  Let us help you discover its beauty and its history!

Why should you listen to us?

Because we go to Rome several times a year.  Whenever we do, we visit the Pantheon - it's one of our favourite places. 

We've seen it, done the tours, read the books - all so you don't have to!

Here's how this page works.

You'll find links here to everything we have written about the Pantheon - what it's like, where it is, what to look for when you go.

Find whichever page interests you and click on the link or the picture.  Then, make sure you follow the links on each page for yet more information.

Link to the Pantheon and how to see it

The Pantheon experience :

Introducing the Pantheon from the outside.  What's around it, what to look at and what you see when you first go in. 

Including detailed information about its famous 'oculus'.

The Roman Pantheon inside - link

Inside the Pantheon :

Here's what to expect inside, from the glorious altars to the tombstones and beautiful art.

And where does all that rain water go?  Find out here!