Spinone Italiano dog gifts
for Spin owners!

Spinone Italianos gifts

Looking for cheap but great quality Spinone Italiano dog gifts? Here’s our selection of personally chosen and designed items for the Spin-owner in your life!

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Our Italian Spinone gift shop - a selection of unique personalized dog gifts ...

... managed by Ellie, our Spinone rescue dog!

Although its popularity is growing steadily, the Spinone Italiano dog is still classed as a rare breed in virtually every country outside Italy. As a result, Spin owners’ gifts are quite difficult to find. 

So we’ve taken the situation into our own hands and designed a series of unique, personalized dog gifts specially for those people who like to let the world know just how much they love their Spin!

Click on any of the products to see details, or go directly to our Spinone Italiano dog shop on a separate page to view all the products we've designed specially for you!

And if you would like us to personalize these items still more for you by using a picture of your own dog, please get in touch via our contact page so we can help you to do it - at no extra cost to you!

Spinone Italiano dog owners' gifts

Where we haven’t been able to design our own, we’ve hunted down a series of providers of other items and become partners to provide you with still more unique, personalized dog gifts.

The best Spinone book

This is the classic Spinone owners' manual. Full of beautiful illustrations and very well written, this book covers everything you need to know about the Spinone - including a wonderful section on personality.

Carolyn Fry is a well-known breeder of the Spinone as well as a world-renowned show Judge, and the book reflects that wealth and breadth of knowledge.

This edition is very out of date, and a new edition is due to be published in late 2010 - hopefully in time for those Christmas stockings!

A great little collector's coffee mug

Wondering where to find some different dog owner's gifts for a birthday or for Christmas?  Look no further - you've just found one of the best!

A lovely and unique handmade mug by the 'Blue Witch' company with a hand-painted Spinone body, which very unusually uses the Spin's head as the handle.

Measuring 10cm by 8cm, this mug is dishwasher proof, can be used in a microwave oven and comes in a lovely presentation box.

A very unusual gift for the Spinone lover in your life!

All you need to know about the Italian Spinone!

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