Italian Christmas Music :
The mandolin and strings of the
Sanremo Players

Peaceful, authentically Italian Christmas music to add a splash of Italy to your home this festive season

Italian Christmas songs mandolin

If you've ever been to Venice and been serenaded by an Italian mandolin player as you floated down the canals, or if you've ever sat outside a Rome café and had the same experience, we promise you're going to love this disc!


Because 'Joy to the World' is a timeless classic with a twist.  It takes well known Christmas songs and traditional Christmas

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carols, and plays them all on one of Italy's favourite instruments - the Italian mandolin (remember Captain Corelli?). There is a full orchestra background as well, but the mandolin is the main instrument.

And if you have ever heard one, you will instantly recognise its sound.  There's nothing else quite like it. Ever heard the famous 'tarantella' played in Italy? That's usually played on a mandolin.

'Jingle Bells' - Is this Italian Christmas music?

Clearly not! It's the fact that the music is played by a local Italian mandolin and strings band which this disc onto our 'best loved' list. It's a sound very typical of Italy, and one we've come to love.

The songs they play are a selection of some of the most widely-known Christmas music. Some are traditional carols ('Silent Night' and 'The First Noel', for example), others are secular ('Jingle Bells', 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town').

The tempo tends to be a bit the same whatever they're playing!  But if you've ever heard an Italian town band play, that's exactly what it's like - and that's why we love it. They play with gusto and great joy, and it shows.

The Sanremo Players - who are they?

Sanremo Italy
The beautiful approach to Sanremo town.

Sanremo is a town on Italy's 'Costa dei Fiori' or 'Coast of Flowers' and has a long tradition of local music - indeed the town has its own full symphony orchestra. Every February it hosts the Italian Song Festival and its pride in its local musicians is clear. So the quality of this mandolin music is, as you would expect, very high.

Who would like this?

Anyone who likes Italian Christmas music with a mandolin!

Seriously, it's a great Christmas gift (stocking-stuffer, perhaps) for anyone who has visited Italy or who has Italian heritage because town and village bands are a huge part of the country's culture.

It's also good if you like some light music as you're putting up your festive decorations, or while you're eating. 

It won't suit everyone, but for those whose memories of Italy are tied up with the mandolin, it's bound to raise a smile.

Italian Christmas songs mandolin
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