Medieval Italian Christmas music :
tradition without commercialism

If you're tired of the commercial side of Christmas this entrancing disc of Medieval Italian Christmas music could be  just what you're looking for.

It's November in Italy, and still there's no signs of Christmas. No tacky decorations, no advertisemenets on TV, no piped music in the shops.


Italian Christmas music mediaeval

Because Christmas in Italy is basically still a religious festival. Of course there are some commercial aspects - the shops will begin to display their festive goods in the first or second week of December - but there is not the same commercial emphasis as there is in the UK or in America.

We like that. And that's why we particularly like this disc of Medieval (or Mediaeval for our UK visitors!) Italian Christmas music. It has all the music and none of the commercialism. Not a Jingle Bell in sight!

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Medieval music - Does it sound strange?

Not at all.  It sounds different - uplifting, calming and spiritual.

It reminds us of a real Christmas Eve in Italy. It's a time for religious obervance and then for families to get together for a meal - always fish. The tone is peaceful, calm and relaxed before the chaos of Christmas Day. And this music reflects that.

It is played on traditional Medieval instruments including the harp and lute, and the lyrics are incredibly clear.

Who will enjoy it?

Don't buy this disc if what you're looking for is 'White Christmas' or even traditional Christmas carols. You'll be disappointed.

You'll love it if you want some peaceful time for relaxation and reflection over the festive period - some time to sit and enjoy traditional, spiritual music. 

You won't recognise the tunes, but if you're looking for something to take you away from all the commercialism of this time of year, this is definitely it.

Italian Christmas music mediaeval

If you're looking for festive Italian music which has some religious content but with better known songs, try this disc of Chistmas music from the Three Tenors  including Luciano Pavarotti. Simply sublime!

If you want popular Christmas songs with an Italian twist, have a look at C.C. Couch's Italian Christmas  - you'll not only know the songs, you will find yourself singing along!

Or have a look at all our favourite pieces of Italian Christmas music  - there's bound to be something there to excite you!

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