Italian masquerade masks :
Silver Butterfly.

Italian masquerade mask butterfly

A beautiful, elegant Italian masquerade mask styled as a butterfly and studded with sparkling Swarowski stones.

Venetian masquerade masks

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This is the most beautifully crafted Venetian masquerade mask, shaped in the form of a silver butterfly and ornately decorated to catch the light as the head moves.

Hand built by master craftsmen, it is designed to be worn and is tied with the traditional black satin ribbon. It can also be used after your party as a wall decoration.

It is an authentic mask, individually made in Venice, Italy, and comes with the all-important certificate of authenticity.

Venetian masks aren’t the cheapest, but buying a less expensive one can be a false economy - they’re often poor quality and mass-produced.

This would be an ideal accessory to be worn at an exquisite masquerade Valentine’s ball, or as a guest at an elegant engagement or wedding Italian themed party.

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Italian butterfly masquerade mask
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