Add a traditional Fontanini nativity scene to your outdoor Christmas displays.

Nativities, or "Presepi", are an important part of traditional Italian Christmas decorations.

Outdoor Christmas scenes these days can be stunning - particularly in the United States - and generally speaking tend to be based on secular images: Santa, reindeer, snowmen, candy canes and lots and lots of lights!

But if you want to add a more traditional religious theme to your yard this year, this outdoor nativity scene from Italian-based company Fontanini could be what you're looking for.

Nativity set.

Fontanini, who are renowned for their internal nativities, have produced some outdoor nativity displays particularly for the American market. This Holy Family scene is one of them.

At four feet (48”) high, it consists of three separate pieces and the attention to detail shown on all their indoor nativities is just as evident in this piece.

In particular, people who've bought it comment on the detail of the paintwork, one of Fontanini's most cherished features.  The vibrant colours will make it a magnificent display by day, while its two hundred white lights make it a perfect night time scene. 

So that you know exactly what you’re buying, please note these points about this display  :

*  It’s not three dimensional - it’s a 2D scene.

* As you can see from the picture, there are stands behind each character.  There's also electric wiring.  To hide all this it's a good idea to position the nativity in front of a bush, which helps hide both.

*  In the dark, although it has lights, they show only an outline. If you want the entire scene lit at night, you’ll need to place some spotlights nearby.

*  It needs staking firmly into the ground, and ...

*  .. If the weather where you live is particularly harsh we’re not convinced it would stand up to the elements. In this case, you’d be better using it as an indoor display - it can be used as either.

Loving this Fontanini outdoor nativity scene?

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We feature a selection, all of them made by Fontanini.  Why?  Because they're a family run company based in the north of Italy, whose craftsmanship is legendary.

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