Glass Christmas ornaments with an Italian twist!

Looking for some traditional Italian-themed glass tree ornaments? 

Always bear in mind that these ornaments are glass, not plastic.  They look beautiful, and they're a great family tradition - but they can break easily.  Make sure you store them carefully.  We use bubble wrap, and keep them in their own special box.

Remember as a child, staring in wonder at sparkly glass ornaments of all different shapes and sizes on the Christmas tree?  They seemed always to catch the light, and add to the magic.

These days, most store-bought Christmas decorations are imported from China and made of plastic.  It just doesn't sparkle!

So we've hunted down some of those more sparkly and more traditional glass ornaments for you - most of them with an Italian theme, some just for fun.

These are sold by different outlets, but they're all made by the same manufacturer, "Old World Christmas". They're hand-crafted, using an original technique which can be traced back as far as the 1800s.

Glass ornaments with an Italian theme.

The leaning tower of Pisa, the Rialto Bridge, Venice, and the word "Amore" (love) - all of those are obvious mementoes of Italy to hang on your tree.  But an accordion??

If you have Italian heritage, or if you've you've ever been to any of Italy's summer festivals, you'll understand this straight away.  Because no family party, no summer "festa" in Italy is complete without one.  They're the instrument everyone loves to dance to, to sing along to, to listen to.

And did you know the town which is famous worldwide for custom making accordions is in our beautiful region of Le Marche?  Castelfidardo has added to Italy's history of accordions since the early 1800s.

Which is why an accordion is included in this set of glass Christmas ornaments.  Enjoy!

Nativities as part of an Italian Christmas.

Christmas in Italy is still very much a religious occasion, and the "Presepe" or nativity scene is one of the most loved of Italian traditions at this time of year.

So a tree featuring nativity ornaments is a must.  And if you want to learn more about the "Presepe" tradition, including where to buy authentic Italian nativity sets, take a look at this page.

Food and drink - which fills every Italian Christmas with joy!

Eating and drinking in Italy is ultra-important - not just of itself, but because of the opportunity for family and friends to get together.  Meals are very much social occasions, and none more so than Christmas.

So no Italian-themed tree would be complete without at least one ornament paying homage to Italy's great love of food and wine.


Celebrate Italian colours!

It just so happens that the colours of Christmas are also the colours of the Italian flag.  Sadly, the flag itself doesn't exist in this set of glass ornaments - but there are many using its colours!

Here is a selection of our favourites.

Just for fun!

And finally... 

We just love these glass ornaments so much that we're featuring some that are nothing directly to do with Italy - they're just fun to have on your tree at Christmas, wherever you are.

Santa, a tree, gingerbread houses, chapels - they're all part of an Italian Christmas too!

Some other traditional Italian Christmas ornaments for you.

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Thumbnail Murano glass ornaments.
Thumbnail nativity snow globes.