Rome 5 star hotel reviews:  the Hassler - a luxury hotel in central Rome

The Hotel Hassler, Rome, Italy :  this could be the ideal Rome 5 star hotel for your perfect stay in the Eternal City.

Want to find a hotel in central Rome to stay in five star luxury?

The Eternal City is full of luxury accommodation and you'll find plenty of Rome hotel reviews on the internet to assess whether they're the right place for you to stay. 

What we provide in these pages are our own Rome 5 star hotel reviews on the two luxury hotels which in our opinion are the very best of the bunch : the Hotel Hassler and the Hotel de Russie.

Hassler Rome wedding
Hotel Hassler private roof terrace :
a stunning place for a wedding reception.

We have personal experience of both these hotels because they were on our final shortlist as a possible venue for our wedding in Rome.

Both are centrally located and within easy walking distance of the main sights, both have a very high standard of service and customer care, and both are very expensive - a "once in a blue moon" hotel for most of us.

ut each also has a special character which makes it the better hotel for different needs : the Hassler is ideal for couples - particularly older couples - wanting a quiet, sedate, traditional place to stay; the de Russie is a good choice for people in Rome with children who prefer luxury in a less formal atmosphere.

The text on this page gives our personal view of the Hotel Hassler, Rome; the table at the bottom looks at facilities and prices.

Hotel Hassler, Rome, Italy :
a "super luxury" Rome 5 star hotel

"If you're going to blow your travel budget on one excellent hotel in central Rome, do it here. You won't regret it." (Traveller review)

Famous guests

Hassler Rome reception
Hotel Hassler reception area
sets the tone of opulence.

If you decide that the Hassler Hotel is the accommodation for  you, you'll be in good company. 

Famous guests who've stayed here include U.S. Presidents John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon, actresses Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, and in more recent times Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes used this Rome 5 star hotel as their chosen venue for the days before their wedding in Italy.


Rome 5 star hotel
Hotel Hassler, 1940s
(Hotel is to the right
of the church).

The Hassler in Rome is a Swiss owned hotel which has been part of the Hassler family dynasty since 1921. It was requisitioned as the Rome headquarters of the US Air Force during World War II and only re-opened having been completely re-furbished in 1947.

Since then, it has become known as Rome's premier hotel and has won a number of awards. Condé Nast Rome 5 star hotel reviews rate it the best hotel and best service in Rome, best city hotel in Europe and one of the world's top five hundred hotels.


"The location is wonderful - the double paned floor to ceiling windows kept the noise out at night - and we were able to go for a jog each morning before breakfast at the Pincio and across to the Borghese Gardens." (Traveller review, 2009)

Hassler Rome
Hotel Hassler today.

Its location is one of the things that makes the Hassler one of the best Rome 5 star hotel group. The city spreads out before it as it sits right at the top of the Spanish Steps, next door to the Trinità dei Monti church. 

The position of this hotel means that the views from its front-facing rooms, the sixth floor restaurant and the roof terrace are truly stunning.

It is also one of the most convenient locations for the famous sights of central Rome, a wide variety of bars and restaurants and the city's most famous and exclusive shopping street, the Via Condotti.


"The rooms are sumptuous and completely updated: great beds, jacuzzi tubs, DVD players...the list goes on." (Traveller review)

Hotel Hassler Rome Italy bedroom
Hotel Hassler double bedroom

All the rooms are as luxuriously furnished as you'd expect from a Rome 5 star hotel.

Furnishings are classical and elegant, many of the accessories are classically Italian : Venetian mirrors, Murano glass, crystal chandeliers, floor mosaics; many of the bathrooms are marble.

If you're used to contemporary rooms these can seem rather dark and heavy but they are painted largely in neutral colours and windows are used to make the most of natural light.

Not surprisingly, suites are  much more spacious and most have terraces overlooking the Spanish Steps. However, some of the 'Classic' suites have 'garden views' - in other words, are at the back of the hotel.

It's important when booking to make sure you ask for a view at the front of the hotel, overlooking the Spanish Steps.


"Breakfast in the Palm Court was super delicious and the setting is lovely." (Traveller review)

Hotel Hassler Rome Italy Palm Court
Palm Court garden.

Outside space is at a premium in the city and although this is arguably the best Rome 5 star hotel, it does not have large gardens. The 'Palm Court' is the hotel's small but lovely walled garden, set in the centre of the hotel and containing an outside piano bar and restaurant. 

If you're lucky (and rich!) enough to be able to afford one of the suites on the top floor of the hotel, you'll find your own private rooftop terrace complete with gazebo and stunning views across the city.

That terrace can also be hired for private events.


"The staff are polite and efficient"; "staff could not have been more helpful, courteous and professional";  "staff could not be more accommodating." (Traveller reviews)

The staff are indeed knowledgeable, helpful and work to the highest standards of customer care.  Our experience was, nevertheless, that their emphasis on professionalism and old-fashioned values can make them appear to be somewhat stiff and unfriendly.


Hotel Hassler Rpme Italy dining
Hotel Hassler's 6th floor restaurant overlooks Rome.

"The hotel is really expensive, but dining in the 6th floor restaurant was worth the price...!!"

One of the very best views from the Hassler is from the 'Imàgo' restaurant on the sixth floor. Restyled in 2006, its huge wraparound windows overlook the city, filling the room with light and allowing the most stunning views.

Although very expensive, there's no doubt that the food served in the Imàgo is of an excellent, gourmet standard only to be expected of a Rome 5 star hotel, and the staff are attentive and eminently professional. It has a good vegetarian selection, which is rare in Italy, and it's open to non-residents.

For us it was a little too 'fussy' (I've never had seafood pasta with chocolate before!) and it was for that reason that, despite the amazing views, we decided not to use the Hassler in Rome for our wedding reception - although it is a stunning venue, particularly for an autumn or winter wedding when the climate in Rome can be unpredictable.

Are there facilities for visitors who are disabled?

The Hotel Hassler does have two rooms which have been adapted for disabled use.  However, there are steps in various places which make it not accessible for wheelchairs.  The hotel suggests contacting them directly should you have special needs.

Is the Hassler in Rome a good choice for children?

Not really, particularly not young children. The atmosphere is very formal and quiet and, although the staff are super-professional and courteous, they don't give the impression that they would like toddlers running round knocking expensive Italian lamps off tables ...

If you're looking for a luxury hotel with good childrens' services, have a look at the Hotel Russie instead.

Do stay here if ...

  • You're a couple or a family with older children who want a quiet central Rome 5 star hotel with a formal, genteel atmosphere and supremely professional staff.

Don't stay here if ...

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Top Tip:

If you're looking for a special restaurant near the hotel which has an equally lovely view over Rome, a good menu and wine list and less expensive prices, try the Casina Valadier. This is where we finally chose to have our wedding reception and it's a fabulous venue.

The restaurant has a terrace which overlooks Rome and serves meals at both lunchtime and in the evening, and there is a bistro type bar in the grounds which serves drinks and lunchtime snacks.

It's within a few minutes' walk of the Hassler, just turn right at the top of the Spanish Steps and carry on walking towards the Borghese Park. The Valadier is on your right, set back above the road.

Rome 5 star hotel reviews  :
facilities at the
Hotel Hassler, Rome, Italy.

Hotel Hassler


82 single / double rooms

13 suites

Free wireless internet access
"text-align: left;"
Flat screen / plasma TV
Satellite TV
Babysitter available

Public areas

Air conditioned
Free wireless internet access
Concierge services

Eating and drinking

Restaurants on site
Bars on site
Special features
Rooftop restaurant; garden bar; piano bar.


Disabled access?
Swimming pool

Fitness area
Hair salon
Beauty salon
Car parking
Wedding and conference facilities
Pets allowed?

Special features

Views over Rome rooftops and cupolas

Airport transfer by limousine

Bicycles for hire

Wedding planner

Personal shopper

Personal trainer

Helicopter transfers

Cost (per room per night)
Rooms from €360

Suites from €1500
Most expensive room (per night)

Presidential suite

Price on request

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